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father gabriel
Question: What becomes of a boy like this?:

Answer: THIS---

What life lessons can be gleaned from this?
You might be smaller and weaker than some people, but you CAN be one crazy, evil motherfucker.
  • sweataaay

    Daaaayum. He TIGHT.
  • I have no idea who you are (I do not recognize you from the Nano meetings in Columbia), but I do figure you are from the wonderful world of Nanowrimo, so yeah. ;D Hi, 's nice t'meet you. I'm Ashley and I'll be your entertainment for this month. <3

    Also? Stylin', man, to be doing those rituals in your pyjamas. Stylin'.
    • Yep, you got it! I apologize for my impolite friending tactics; I've been lurking on the Columbia Nano boards, and I've not introduced myself there (too shy to let my pathetic word count be known). I noticed you were from Lexington, my own little home, and looked into your journal. Your story sounded mighty entertaining, so I reckoned I'd be nosy and see if you'd permit me to read it, for which I am grateful.

      My username at the crazed cult of frenzied creative delirium is whoa_is_me (http://www.nanowrimo.org/user/37129). I may yet post a little on the local forums there, or not, and I may yet attend a gathering, or not. I'm ridiculousy self conscious about my material, as it's unforgivably silly, self indulgent fluff. But it's amusing fluff, by gawd.

      Anywho, thank'ee kindly for the reciprocated friending, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Jillian, and I don't post in this journal nearly as often as I ought. But I'm around! Good luck in the month's endeavor!
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