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like a rock in the sea

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like a rock in the sea

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hey fellas
Now, it's been quite a few years since I've seen the film Legend. Even still, I can't for the life of me remember the part where Bryan Ferry makes his entrance. Why, I don't remember him being present in the film at all, much less as such a major character. At least he appears to be working in cahoots with the Lord of Darkness, what with spending all that time hanging about the evil lair, scrying and sleazy dancing and whatnot.

I think maybe the plot goes something like this: Bryan is one of the LoD's wicked 80s goblin servants sent to fetch some poontang, but being the smooth, hunky crooning sort ol' BF is, he went and fell in love with the target, so he sings some bullshit all up and down at her. Some stuff happens, I dunno, then David Gilmour appears and banishes the Lord of Darkness with his gee-tar playing skills, and I figure Bryan Ferry was working as a double agent. For Pink Floyd? Anywho, Tom Cruise doesn't exist, nor any of his fairy friends, which is a win. Things get a little confusing near the end, but it all winds down with BF giving us a meaningful last look (indicative of duplicity and trickery!), and the LoD laughing in triumph, so maybe Bryan was a TRIPLE agent all along. I don't care, just so long as that poontang don't get wasted, which I'm sure it won't, with Cruise out of the picture and Bryan F. and the Lord of D. in it. In it to WIN IT.
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